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ACCCCH  Gipez's Ling-Ling

: 1984-02-07
: Blue
: Hairless
Ginette Perez (Gipez's, USA)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (5)


Gipez's Ci Xi Of Jann
Gipez's Ling-Ling
Gipez's Zo-Lay
Gipez's Chung Lee
Gipez's Belle Noire

Offspring (15) (Descendents)

dob: 1991-09-04  Sire: Dar-Walk Secret Song SOM

Gipez's Piccapilli Of Dar-Walk
Ch. Dar-Walk Song Again
Dar-Walk Last Song Sun-A-Ra

dob: 1990-02-21  Sire: Dar-Walk Secret Song SOM

Dar-Walk Song and Dance

dob: 1988-07-15  Sire: Dar-Walk Sing Song

Dar-Walk's Distant Song

dob: 1987-12-02  Sire: Dar-Walk Secret Song SOM

Ch. Dar-Walk Szechuan Of Gipez SOD

dob: 1987-05-23  Sire: Gipez's Sun-Ra

Ch. Gipez's Yu Ya-Te
Gipez's Chen-Chu
Gipez's Chuti-Tiu

dob: 1986-10-30  Sire: Erics Pink Floyd C H Oz

Gipez's Alluring Cocaine
Gipez's Taipan

dob: 1986-03-07  Sire: Gipez's Hu-Ching SOM

Gipez's Panda Bear
Gipez's Shin-Thuan
Gipez's Oriental Blossom
Gipez's Lo-Chai

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