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Gipez's Ka Ying Of Jann

Reg. no
: TD413361 6-91 (FDS)
: 1982-11-13
: Blue
: Hairless
Ginette Perez (Gipez's, USA)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (19)


Gipez's Hu-Ching SOM
Gipez's Kung-Chu Of Sun-A-Ra
Gipez's Garden Of Eden
Royal Crest's Epes Tennie Of Gipez
Gipez's Lou Chou
Royal Crest's Mitzvah Of Gipez


Gipez's Emperor-Ming
Gipez's Shu-Chi Of Sun-A-Ra
Gipez's Mo-Shu
Gipez's Chin-Te
Gipez's Imperial Buddha


Gipez's Gin-Gin Of SAndcastle
Gipez's Ssu Chi P'Ao
Gipez's Cornelia Of Wenlo
Gipez's Chin-Chin
Gipez's Ka Ying Of Jann
Gipez's Ming Ming Of China Crest


Gipez's Ching Lee
Gipez's East Of Eden

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob: 1989-11-23  Dam: Razzmatazz Pekoe Of Jann

Jann's Nova Of Sol-Orr
Jann's Jasmine
Jann's Pumpkin Pie

dob: 1988-06-20  Dam: Razzmatazz Pekoe Of Jann

Jann's T'Ai Ping Jay
Jann's Poppy
Jann's Da Vinci

dob: 1987-01-15  Dam: Gipez's Ci Xi Of Jann

Ch. Jann's Kriquet Kolada DOM
Ch. Jann's Ghai Sing Mai Toi

dob: 1986-02-08  Dam: Gipez's Ci Xi Of Jann

Jann's Palomino Pal Of Sur-Win
Carann's Poppy Seed By Jann

dob: 1985-02-03  Dam: Gipez's Ci Xi Of Jann


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