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Dodd's Dirty Harry

Reg. no
: TD413690 FDS
: 1985-04-28
: Chocolate
D. Goodale (Dodd's, USA)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (9)


Koschei Laotze


Dar-Walk Yen-Poo Of Gipez
Dar-Walk Fidgett Of Wendav


Dar-Walk Gypsy Rose Levy


Dickerson's Texas Kid-Mayapan
Dodd's Dirty Harry
Jonhenry's Big Red Of Dar-Walk
Dar-Walk Sing Song


Dar-Walk Swan Song

Offspring (31) (Descendents)

dob: 1995-10-29  Dam: Softy Sapphire O'Ebon Will

Krista's Scotch Crest

dob: 1993-05-04  Dam: Softy Sapphire O'Ebon Will

Krista's Dancer
Krista's Gizmo
Krista's Singer
Jumping Jack Flash

dob: 1992-10-29  Dam: Softy Sapphire O'Ebon Will

Krista's Collin Crest

dob: 1989-11-29  Dam: Vanderpool's Nicole Of Dickerson

Iris Of Croatoan

dob: 1987-10-17  Dam: Moofy Mufflefoot O'Ebon Will

Double D Victory O'Ebon Will
Double D Stardom O'Ebon Will
D D Marshmellow O'Ebon Will

dob: 1987-06-24  Dam: Vanderpool's Little Stinker

Windsong's Lotus Flower

dob: 1987-05-30  Dam: Dickerson's Sally Jo Dodd

Vanderpool's Magic Wan
Jean's Sweet Nadia

dob: 1987-05-20  Dam: Islands Zelda Dodd

Krk's China Jo-E

dob: 1987-01-19  Dam: Vanderpool's Boots Of Dickerson

Vanderpool's Shauna

dob: 1986-11-06  Dam: Lothlorien Misu

Misu's Prince Yoda Of O-Lan

dob: 1986-11-05  Dam: Lothlorien Misu

Misu's Princess Kendra Of O-Lan

dob: 1986-11-02  Dam: Vanderpool's Little Stinker

Vanderpool's Twiggy
Mogwai's Spike
Mogwai's Gizmo

dob: 1986-10-30  Dam: Vanderpool's Nicole Of Dickerson

Vanderpool's Little Coquette

dob: 1986-09-13  Dam: Dickerson's Sally Jo Dodd

Vanderpool's Pandora
Vanderpool's Baby Sally Jo
Vanderpool's Little Buddy

dob: 1986-09-11  Dam: Dodd's Lilly Von Snowhille

Marsh's Toi-Lin

dob: 1986-09-09  Dam: Islands Zelda Dodd

Marsh's Jobo
Marsh's Shea-Lei

dob: 1986-09-01  Dam: Tiny Mae Of Rivercrest

Vanderpool's Chelsea
Holst's Spring Moon

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