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Dickerson's Le-Sa Miclanjo

Reg. no
: TD414059 FDS
: 1985-06-27
: Blue & White
Dick Dickerson (Dickerson, USA)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (7)


Cherokee Penny
Dickerson's Sally Jo Dodd


Vanderpool's Nicole Of Dickerson
Sasanataba Stomper-Dickerson
Dickerson's I'm Trouble Too
Dickerson's Le-Sa Miclanjo
Dickerson's Aztec Pony

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob: 1999-10-19  Sire: Vores Gin Sing

Mystic-Heart of the Hills

dob: 1994-11-05  Sire: Vores Gin Sing

WRP Hopsong
WRP Hopsing

dob: 1993-11-27  Sire: Vores Gin Sing

Vore's Lee Sing Lanjo

dob: 1992-10-04  Sire: Lazy K-Bob's Cocoa

Vore's Miss Priss

dob: 1992-02-06  Sire: Dar-Walk's Distant Song

Ch. Vores Ming Ling

dob: 1991-06-18  Sire: Dar-Walk's Distant Song

Satin Le Sa
LB's Le-Sa

dob: 1990-11-10  Sire: Dickerson's Rongu Miclanjo

Westmoreland's Stanley

dob: 1990-03-29  Sire: Dickerson's Rongu Miclanjo

Vores Le-Sa Jojo

dob: 1988-12-13  Sire: Dickerson's Rongu Miclanjo

Vore's Rongu Michelle

dob: 1988-03-05  Sire: Dickerson's Zip Miclanjo

Cedar Creek Won Ton
Vores Le-Sa Zip-O

dob: 1987-04-09  Sire: Xcel's Clydesdale Pony

Lazy K-Bob's Cocoa
Miclanjo Ruffian
Miclanjo Fan-C Filly Sol-Orr

dob: 1986-07-31  Sire: Dickerson's Zip Miclanjo

Miclanjo Kimi Wagayo
Miclanjo Candy Barr
Miclanjo's Star Of Sol-Orr

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