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Chinehua Micara Of Rivercrest

: 1982-09-29
: Cream
: Powderpuff
Jenny Tall (Rivercrest, USA)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (10)


Chinehua Micara Of Rivercrest
Chinehua Confusious


Chinehua Wun Chulee
Chinehua Choy Ling
Chinehua Kim Soo


Chinehua Checkaz
Chinehua Chichi Lee
Chinehua Suzy Wong
Chinehua Leechee Lee

No birth date recorded

Chinehue Micara

Offspring (18) (Descendents)

dob: 1988-11-26  Dam: Val's Lakota Doll

Cindarella May

dob: 1987-09-21  Dam: Val's Lakota Doll

De Dash's Wild Wilbur
Dedash's Tuffy

dob: 1985-11-06  Dam: Rivercrest Snowqueen

Island Starcrest Silka-Su

dob: 1985-11-06  Dam: Rivercrest Snowsprite

Islands Oooh Gee

dob: 1985-11-04  Dam: Rivercrest Susie

Islads Jenna
Island Melody
Laberdee's Island Cinda

dob: 1985-03-31  Dam: Rivercrest Susie

Islands Marigold

dob: 1984-12-08  Dam: Rivercrest Snowsprite

Island Flower
Islands Zelda Dodd

dob: 1984-11-26  Dam: Nanci's Snow Lady Of Rivercrest

Rivercrest Zorro
Rivercrest Remus

dob: 1984-04-23  Dam: Phaedrian's Tia Mia Lynn

Rivercrest Schelley
Mei Ling
Becky Lei Of Staround

dob: 1984-04-06  Dam: Rivercrest Snowqueen

Pochynok's Sweet Dream

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