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1996 - 2008
DKCH  Chinacrest Total Eclipse

Reg. no
: S22007/97
: 1996-07-12
: Blue
: Hairless
Mr & Mrs Slavin (Chinacrest, Australia)
Annica Hellman (Müslis, Sverige)
  • ©Annica Hellman

  • ©C.Attheden

Siblings (10)


Chinacrest After Dark
Chinacrest Total Eclipse


Chinacrest Taylor Made
Chinacrest Th Full Monty
Chinacrest Dito Atmohawk


Chinacrest Pavement Art
Chinacrest The Naked Gun


Chinacrest Sideshow Bob
Chinacrest Mercedes Lady
Chinacrest Rampaging Roy

Offspring (22) (Descendents)

dob: 2005-09-06  Dam: Belshaw's Fantasia

Belshaw's So De La Renta
Belshaw's Lick Me All Over

dob: 2003-04-15  Dam: Müslis Kremla

Müslis Svecia
Müslis Brie
Müslis Drabant
Müslis Svarta Sarah

dob: 2002-09-09  Dam: Müslis Kremla

Müslis Dick Tracy
Müslis Modesty Blaise
Müslis Rip Kirby

dob: 2000-08-21  Dam: Egoiste Eagle Eye Cherry Special To Me

Wisaks Minus
Wisaks Mynta

dob: 2000-08-04  Dam: Chinetta's Corona Australis

Chinetta's Cotinus
Chinetta's Corylus
Chinetta's Cornflower
Chinetta's Columbine

dob: 2000-04-25  Dam: Prefix Xantippa

Rådjurstigens Baby Box Car
Rådjurstigens Beauti Of April
Rådjurstigens Bianca The Princess

dob: 1998-09-29  Dam: Chinetta's Claudia Cardenale

Chinetta's Capella
Chinetta's Calippus

dob: 1998-03-14  Dam: Müslis Ayla

Müslis Concorde
Müslis Spitfire

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