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1996 - 2010
AUSTCH  NZCH  Chinacrest Future Shock

Reg. no
: 1585615
: 1996-01-04
: Tricolour
: Hairless
Mr & Mrs Slavin (Chinacrest, Australia)
Sandy & Kevin Wesley (Tereiroa, New Zealand)

Siblings (2)


Chinacrest Future Shock
Chinacrest Cisco Kid

Offspring (18) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam:

TeReiroa Motu
TeReiroa Putu
TeReiroa Tereana
TeReiroa Kakapu

dob: 2004-11-29  Dam: Chinacrest Willow

Raziel Crest Of Pughbear
Elora Crest Of Pughbear
Elora Crest of Pughbear
Razeil Crest of Pughbear
Kiaya Crest of Pughbear

dob: 2002-09-05  Dam: Pania Of Pughbear

TeReiroa Katua Taonga

dob: 2002-03-29  Dam: Atum of Tereiroa

Ch. Koreke Rongo Mareroa Purakau
Koreke Hina Marama Purakau

dob: 2001-06-16  Dam: Mohawk Touch Menot

Tereiroa Mihi

dob: 2001-03-26  Dam: Teddygirl Of Pughbear

Tereiroa Honeybear
Tereiroa Pati
Tereiroa Kahu
Tereiroa Stancoombes
Tereiroa Tehanna

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