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Blandora Special Issue

Reg. no
: S66069/90
: 1989-10-21
: Blue & White
: Hairless
Jeanette P Sewell (Blandora, England)
Owner unknown.

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Petworth Peking Petuna Of Benbela

Benbela Mystic Lady

dob: 1993-04-08  Dam: Moonstring's Golden Wild Rose

Moonstring's Queen Of Easter
Moonstring's King Of Easter

dob: 1992-08-07  Dam: Christ-Ings Golden Girl

Pobe-S Irresistibly Beautiful
Pobe-S Incredibly Fine

dob: 1992-06-03  Dam: Benbela Fleur de Lis

Moonstring's Golden Soldier
Moonstring's Love Song
Moonstring's Summer Song

dob: 1991-12-16  Dam: Alltot Snowdrop

Moonstring's Single Girl

dob: 1991-09-07  Dam: Blandora Black Orchid


dob: 1991-08-05  Dam: Christ-Ings Golden Girl

Moonstring's Oriental Jewel
Moonstring's Magic Jewel
Moonstring's Golden Jewel
Moonstring's Jewel In Black
Moonstring's Jewel In Brown
Moonstring's Special Jewel

dob: 1990-11-08  Dam: Moonstring's Queen Of Darkness

Moonstring's Golden Pearl
Moonstring's Black Pearl
Moonstring's Blue Pearl

dob: 1990-08-28  Dam: Moonswift Hot Potato Of Blandora

Blandora Look Of Love For Jokima

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