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AMCH  INTCH  MEXCH  Blandora Leo Of Churrasco SOD

: 1990-09-10
: Blue White Mkgs
: Hairless
Jeanette P Sewell (Blandora, England)
Dr. Sophia Kaluzniacki (Tamarlane, USA)

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Siblings (3)


Blandora Buttons Of Churrasco
Blandora Leo Of Churrasco SOD
Blandora Food For Thought At Saltillo

Offspring (52) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: China Road Colors Of Rainbow

Marijo's Gildedlily Of Tamarlane

dob: 2000-05-11  Dam: Tamarlane's Summer Elegance

Tamarlane's Onthe Countof Ten

dob: 1998-07-19  Dam: Churrasco Priscilla DOM

Ch. Tamarlane's Mad Tea Party DOM
Ch. Tamarlane's Quicksilver
Ch. Tamarlane-Krishna's Th'Duchess
Ch. Tamarlane's The Untouchable

dob: 1997-12-28  Dam: Churrasco Here At Tamarlane

Tamarlane's Eclipse

dob: 1997-12-21  Dam: Tamarlane's Black Vixen

Tamarlane's Butterfly Kisses

dob: 1997-10-23  Dam: Churrasco Priscilla DOM

Ch. Tamarlane's Omar Sharif
Ch. Tamarlane's King Of The Jungle, Cd, Rn, Cgc
Tamarlane's Khalil

dob: 1997-04-24  Dam: Tamarlanes Next Image

Krishna-Tamarlanes Photoganic

dob: 1996-12-04  Dam: Tamarlane's Europa Finale

Ch. Tamarlane's Phantom Rider
Ch. Tamarlane's Ghost Rider

dob: 1996-07-12  Dam: Makara's Dreams Do Come True DOM

Ch. Puffin Desert Dustdevil Makara
Ch. Puffin Patchwork Quilt Makara
Ch. Puffin Hair Today Gone Makara
Makara's Isabella Via Puffin DOM

dob: 1996-06-12  Dam: Cascada's Frilly Filly

Cascadas Hatass And Spats

dob: 1996-05-01  Dam: Babylon's Nightqueen Astarte

Babylon's Cherokee War Chant

dob: 1996-03-30  Dam: Babylon's Silver Cloud

Crestars Arizona Jigzaw
Crestars Wuzznt Fuzzy Wuz He

dob: 1995-11-15  Dam: Churrasco Here At Tamarlane

Ch. Tamarlane's Sugartime Dra-Cot
Ch. Tamarlane's Once Upon A Time
Ch. Tamarlane's Amzng Timemachine

dob: 1995-07-14  Dam: China Road Colors Of Rainbow

Marijo's Gildedlily Of Tamerlane

dob: 1995-07-03  Dam: Jewels Chia Pet

Jewels And Justice For All
Ch. Jewels I'm A Jim Dandy For Les-lee SOD

dob: 1995-07-02  Dam: Winsalot Sable D'Das

Winsalot Sablenleo's Mystique
Winsalot Sablenleo's Mahogny

dob: 1995-04-14  Dam: Montrose Afternoon Delight

K-Mac Happi Sidekick
Kmac Tamarlane Happi Fantasy
K-Mac's Happl Daze
Ch. Tamarlane K-Mac Happi Harly

dob: 1995-03-28  Dam: Jaar-Den's Europa DOM

Ch. Montrose Laird Of The Red Branch
Ch. Tamarlane's Europa Finale

dob: 1995-02-24  Dam: Churrasco Here At Tamarlane

Tamarlane's Next Chapter
Ch. Tamarlanes Next Image
Tamarlanes Next Kismet

dob: 1994-11-24  Dam: Heartcrest Medea Puff Puff

Mstic-Heart Hope Of Triin
Mstic-Heart Pilgrim Of Leo

dob: 1994-10-20  Dam: Moptop Pop Goes The Weasel

Foxlair's Paris
Foxlair's Bristol

dob: 1994-02-12  Dam: Jaar-Den's Europa DOM

Montrose Quenya Night Games
Ch. Tamarlane's Black Smoke
Ch. Montrose Black 'N Tantalizing

dob: 1993-09-27  Dam: Mikendas Xatizoe At Calaby

Ch. AMCH Itsa Mikenda La Phew
Ch. Itsa Skin Flint

dob: 1993-07-05  Dam: Jaar-Den's Europa DOM

Montrose Quenya Nakd Tmynees
Ch. Tamarlane's Black Vixen
Ch. Foxlair's Sosueme
Montrose Causin' A Commotion

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