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AMCH  Babylon Golden Elathan

: 1997-08-27
: White & Black Sptd
: Hairless
Brigitte Reid (Shambhala, USA)
Anna Morton (Babylon, USA)

  • ©babylon

  • ©unknown

Siblings (7)


Babylon Golden Elathan
Goldenberry Casanova (US)
Goldenberry Star
Babylon Lia Fail
Goldenberry Magic Beauty
Goldenberry Baron La Posh
Goldenberry Mystic Charme

Offspring (14) (Descendents)

dob: 2002-11-03  Dam: Goldenberry Paloma

Babylon Idol

dob: 2001-04-14  Dam: Babylon Burning Night Venus

Babylon Breathta King Chimera
Babylon Ganymede
Babylon Ultima Thule
Babylon Mystic Oisin Dokkum

dob: 2000-09-19  Dam: Babylon's Great Tiamat

Babylon Ixion Defiant

dob: 2000-09-18  Dam: Babylon's Nuit Unveiled

Babylon Osiris Rising
Babylon Twilight Andromeda
Ch. Babylon Splendid Nox

dob: 2000-02-24  Dam: Babylon's Ra-Narook

Ch. Babylon Magnificent Balor
Babylon Enchanted Aoife

dob: 1999-11-01  Dam: Babylon's Winged Gaia

Babylon Amphitrite

dob: 1998-06-12  Dam: Babylon's Karmen Les-Lee

Babylon Golden Chuchulainn
La Posh Catchy Casey Babylon

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