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Ah So Windchime's Bruiser

: 1986-04-25
: Black
Evelyn Koch (Ah So, USA)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (4)


Ah So Windchime's Bruiser
Ah So Windchime's Storm Shadow
Windchimes Ginnie Mae Of Kimbriel
Vandalia's Julie

Offspring (26) (Descendents)

dob: 1994-09-01  Dam: Babylon's Dancing Muse

Babylon's Madame' Pompadour
Babylon's Aida For Les-Lee
Babylon's Ultima Thule

dob: 1994-07-01  Dam: Ah So Button Nose

Patz Ah So Scarlett So Bara
Ah So Nude With An Attitude

dob: 1993-11-01  Dam: China Road Artemis Of Babylon

Ch. Babylon's Silver Cloud
Babylon's Nightqueen Astarte
Mardon's Babylon Morning Star

dob: 1993-06-16  Dam: Ah So Button Nose

Ah So Lili Marlene
Ah So Scalawags A Dreaming
Ah So Miss Carole-Joy
Ah So Lilly Peanut

dob: 1992-12-16  Dam: Gali's Ah So Steel Magnolia

Ch. Ah So Jazzafrazz Puffin
Ah So Sue-Z Chopstick
Ah So Bridgette
Ah So City Slicker
Ah So Ebony Imp

dob: 1991-05-15  Dam: Gali's Ah So Steel Magnolia

Ah So Coy Cleopatra

dob: 1991-03-03  Dam: Princess Isis Of Mountaincrest

Ah So Sister Stephanie
Montrose Jazz Solo

dob: 1990-09-03  Dam: Gali's Ah So Steel Magnolia

Ah So Naughty Nudity
Ah So Barefoot To His Eye Brows

dob: 1988-08-08  Dam: Ming Ling Dynasty

Dechen's Dolly Girl Shanghai

dob: 1988-02-11  Dam: Ignavia

Tao-Lin Chang
Ah So Ko Inky Dinky

dob: 1987-07-24  Dam: Gizmo

Powdercrest Yu-Tu

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