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BLRJCH  Moon Harbour Ralf

: 2020-02-09
: black and white
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2")
Abasse Issa (Moon Harbour, Frankrike)
Doroshkevich N.N Belarus (Soltanto, Hviterussland)
  • ©Doroshkevich N

  • ©Doroshkevich N

  • ©Doroshkevich N

  • 4,5 month
    ©Doroshkevich N

  • 4,5 month
    ©Doroshkevich N

  • 4,5 month
    ©Doroshkevich N

  • 4,5 month
    ©Doroshkevich N

  • ©Doroshkevich N

  • ©Moon Harbour

  • ©Moon Harbour

  • ©Moon Harbour

  • ©Moon Harbour



11.07.2020 Mogilev,National Dog Show -BOB Baby
22.11.2020 Minsk,Mono-JCAC,BOS
22.11.2020 Minsk,National Dog Show-JCAC, BOB junior,BOB
22.11.2020 Minsk,National Dog Show-JCAC, BOS
30.05.2021 Bobruisk,National Dog Show-CAC, BOS

Siblings (5)


Moon Harbour Rowan
Moon Harbour ROSE
Moon Harbour Radieuse
CH .Moon Harbour Rahan
Moon Harbour Ralf

Offspring (33) (Descendents)

dob: 2022-05-09  Dam: Bonus Point Gambitas

Art Rebellion Rising Night
Art Rebellion Real Illusion

dob: 2022-02-09  Dam: Astrum Anima Bellis

Ilatani Style New Level
Ilatani Style Northern Lights

dob: 2022-01-31  Dam: Sol'tanto Key To Success

Sol'tanto Faith In Love
Sol'tanto Fil
Sol'tanto Flower
Sol'tanto Fanta
Sol'tanto Fabulous White-Shadow
Sol'tanto Felix

dob: 2022-01-20  Dam: Dakota Rose Dreaming The Night For Soltanto

Sol'tanto Unreal
Sol'tanto Uma Thurman
Sol'tanto Unbelievable Panda-Yumilite

dob: 2022-01-18  Dam: Sol'tanto Incredible Story

Sol'tanto Tiramisu
Sol'tanto Touch-Your-Dream
Sol'tanto Together Forever
Sol'tanto Tequila Boom

dob: 2021-09-22  Dam: Sol'tanto Malibu

Sol'tanto SiSi
Sol'tanto Step-In-Future
Sol'tanto Sei-Cara-Mia
Sol'tanto Stay-With-Me
Sol'tanto Sunray
Sol'tanto Soprano
Sol'tanto Sambuca
Ch. Sol'tanto Steal My-Heart

dob: 2021-04-04  Dam: Sol'tanto Dea Dell'Amore

Sol'tanto River Song
Sol'tanto Rain Drop

dob: 2021-02-19  Dam: Queen Of My Heart Planet Of Dream

Sol'tanto Play Boy
Ch. Sol'tanto Pacific Ocean
Sol'tanto Play Hard
Sol'tanto Precious Pearl
Sol'tanto Painted Love
Ch. Sol'tanto Party Queen

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