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DKCH  NUCH  SECH  Tallin JW -19 DKJCH CRUFT Qual 2020*2Falco Crestedgang

: 2018-02-14
: Tricolor
: Powderpuff
: 33.00cm (12.9")
Katerina Psenicova (CrestedGang, Tsjekkia)
Pernilla Johansson (Sparkling Crested, Sverige)
  • Marco 2,5 years
    ©Pasi Marjala

  • Marco 20 månader
    ©Pasi M

  • That face, Marco from junior class winning BOB IDS Denmark and 2*Crufts qual
    ©Marita Rosander

  • Marco 14 month
    ©Lola Marie Folcke

  • Marco 13 month
    ©Marita Rosander

  • Marco 13 month
    ©Marita Rosander

  • 7 weeks
    ©Peter Konopka

  • 7 weeks
    ©Peter Konopka

  • 1 month
    ©Peter Konopka

  • 1 month
    ©Peter Konopka

  • ©Katka



NUCH SECH DKCH on his second birthday (in North you need to be 2 years for champion)

Norway (shown 7 times)
3 CAC (stora) (IDS+speciality and win best coat and was nominated to best movement+Nordic show)
1 Nordic CAC
2 r-CAC (IDS)
5 best male placement

Denmark (shown 6 times)
3 jun-CAC
Junior champion
2 CRUFT Qual 2020
3 best male placement

Sweden (shown 6 times)
2 r-CAC (NDS+speciality and nominated to best coat and head)
3 best male placement

Tallin (shown 2 times)
2 jun-CAC (NDS+IDS)
Tallin JW-19
2 best male placement

Showes entered with me so far: 13 times, 13 times junior
Norway IDS Exc1/2 4 Best Male r-CAC, judge Attila Czeglédi, Hungary
Norway Nordic Exc 1/2 3 Best Male r-CAC, judge Helge Werner Hagen, Norway
Norway IDS Exc2/4, judge Lisbeth Campbell, Norway
Denmark Exc1/5, judge Bo Lasthein Andersen, Denmark
Denmark Exc1/5 jun-CAC BOS CAC Judge Kitty Sjong, Denmark
Sweden IDS Exc1/8 4 Best Male CAC, judge Dorthy Lind-Rasmussen, Dk, Stefan Sinko, Slovenia
Estonia group IX show Exc 1/1 jun-CAC BOS, judge Cathrin Lundberg Westin, Sweden
Estonia IDS Exc 1/4 jun-CAC, Tallin JW-19, jun-BOB, 3 best male, judge Derrick Seow, Malaysia
Sweden group IX show Exc 2/4 2 Best Male r-CAC Judge Marja Kosonen, Finland
Sweden IDS Exc3/7, judge Dodo Sundahl, Sweden
Denmark NORDIC Exc3/3 judge Tomas Rohlin, Denmark
Denmark IDS Exc1/3 Junior CAC, 3 best male judge Dorthe Lind-Rasmussen, Denmark
Denmark IDS, CRUFT qual. Exc1/3 Junior CAC, Best male, 2*CRUFT qual. BOB and new Danish junior Champion judge José Ziljmans, Netherlands

PLL Clear
PRA-RCD3 Clear
Cerfed Clear 2019.03.02, 2019.08.27, 2020.08.11
Patella 0/0

Siblings (5)


Felicity Crestedgang
Fabi Crestedgang
Funny Crestedgang
Faela Crestedgang
Falco Crestedgang

Offspring (22) (Descendents)

dob: 2021-03-04  Dam: Krysolit Heart Breaker

Krysolit Must Be Love
Krysolit Miss Sunshine
Krysolit Mumsfilibabba

dob: 2020-10-25  Dam: Jean Dark Head Over Heels

Ravenoak Blowin' In The Wind
Ravenoak Bungle In The Jungle
Ravenoak Bossa Nova Baby
Ravenoak Boogie Oogie Oogie
Ravenoak Blaze Of Glory
Ravenoak Blister In The Sun
Ravenoak Be-Bop-a-Lula
Ravenoak Bow Chicka Wow Wow

dob: 2020-06-16  Dam: Oblivion Donkey Punch

Oblivion Five Finger Death Punch
Oblivion Fatal Frame
Oblivion Far Harbor
Ch. Oblivion Foxtrot Uniform
Oblivion Forbidden Siren
Oblivion Falling In Reverse

dob: 2019-10-25  Dam: Crestilux Betty Boop

Crestilux Ditzy Doo
Crestilux Desert Dusk
Crestilux Dazzling Diamond
Crestilux Dream Deluxe
Crestilux Doorbell Dancer

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