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PLCH  PLJCH  SRBCH  Pl.Jr.Cl.Win'18Energy Di Colin for Gattaca

: 2017-04-24
: Black & white
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Diana Sycheva, Tlmace (ENERGY DI,, Slovakia)
Magdalena Kucko (Gattaca, Polen)
  • 2,5 years old

  • 2,5 years old

  • ©Ready for Love kennel

  • 11 months old
    ©Ready for Love kennel

  • almost 6 months old

  • 5 months old

  • ©1 months

  • ©1 months

  • ©1 months

  • ©1 months

  • ©1 day


started Int.Ch title

Siblings (5)


Energy Di Colin for Gattaca
Energy Di Charming Look
Energy Di Change My Life
Energy Di Courage
Energy Di Candy Girl

Offspring (55) (Descendents)

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dob: 2020-01-10  Dam: Secret Grunt To Gramatyka

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dob: 2019-09-24  Dam: Walkiria z Lowickiego Ksiestwa

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Ch. Vampire Seduction Gattaca
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Versace Eros Gattaca

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