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AMCH  Dokkum Jive Talking

: 2016-07-27
: white and black
: Powderpuff
Bev Ferris-Kooistra (Dokkum, USA)
Bev Ferris-Kooistra (Dokkum, USA)

  • ©Booth Photography, picture paid.

  • ©bev ferris

  • ©Bev Ferris

Siblings (5)


Dokkum Tokyo Nights
Dokkum It's Only Words
Dokkum Jive Talking
Dokkum Night Fever
Dokkum Nights On Broadway

Offspring (8) (Descendents)

dob: 2021-04-29  Dam: Country Lunar Huntress v Gardine

Gardine I Did it My Way Charkim
Gardine That Escalated Quickly
Gardine's Do I Look Like a Brenda

dob: 2021-02-22  Dam: Forseti's One Night Stand

Gardine Mighty Hector
Gardine Can't Spell Awesome Without Me!

dob: 2018-01-19  Dam: Aradia Sweet Caroline

Aradia?s Song of the Stars
Aradia?sSong of the Stars
Aradia?s When the Stars Align

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