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Birchvolgyi - Electra, Agamemnon's daughter

: 2014-08-20
: beige
: Hairless
Andrea Sztano (birchvolgyi, Ungarn)
Nutzova Eva (Queen Malverne, Tsjekkia)

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  • 8 months old
    Zadar, Croatia
    ©Queen Malverne

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  • 7 months old...

  • ©istvan kmetyo

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  • ©istvan kmetyo

  • ©istvan kmetyo


20.4.2019 CLUB Show KCHCCHP z.s. - Exc.1, CAC

Siblings (3)


Birchvolgyi - Electra, Agamemnon's daughter
Birchvolgyi - Evanescence The Reckless
Birchvolgyi - Edison the grandiose

Offspring (23) (Descendents)

dob: 2022-05-18  Sire: Habanero's Crest Pepe

Pompeia Queen Malverne

dob: 2021-04-23  Sire: Alfa Laval Nordic

Ch. Orianna Queen Malverne
Origin Rosaria Queen Malverne
Ch. Orinoko Queen Malverne
Okavango Queen Malverne
Origami Queen Malverne

dob: 2020-04-12  Sire: Dakkon Freuhartang

Night Angel Queen Malverne
Ch. Need Red Love Queen Malverne
Night Sapphire Queen Malverne
Ch. Noblesse Bunny Queen Malverne

dob: 2019-01-02  Sire: Mauritius Akwen Jemalle

Ch. Missandei Surri Queen Malverne
Majesty Magdalena Queen Malverne
Marquis De Lafayette Queen Malverne
Maurice Lacroix Queen Malverne

dob: 2018-03-20  Sire: Tomio z Kamilova dvora

Lord Byron Queen Malverne
Lady Kivrin Queen Malverne
Ch. Lord Gray Queen Malverne
Lady Carnegie Queen Malverne
Lady Macbeth Queen Malverne

dob: 2017-02-25  Sire: Ignition To Mars Plysovy pritel

Birchvolgyi Innocent Malverne
Birchvolgyi Iresine Malverne
Birchvolgyi IndiGo Malverne
Birchvolgyi Indian Summer Malverne

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