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DKCH  VDHCH  ROCH  ROGCH  SECH  Cruft Qualification 2011Chien Feerique's Bellavallentina

Reg. no
: SE17752/2010
: 2009-11-08
: Créme & White
: Powderpuff
: 28.50cm (11.2")
Klaudia Basaraba (Chien Feerique's, Sverige)
Klaudia Basaraba (Chien Feerique's, Sverige)
  • Bella 2013
    ©Finkes Hundar

  • Bella 2015
    ©Finkes Hundar

  • Bella 2013
    ©Finkes Hundar

  • ©Klaudia Basaraba

  • ©Basaraba

  • ©Basaraba

  • ©Basaraba

  • ©Basaraba


Patella 0/0
Eyes Cerf Clear 2017.07.13
PLL Clear
Prcd PRA Clear
PRA rcd3 Clear
DM Clear

Siblings (6)


Chien Ferrique's Paloma Picasso
Chien Feerique's Oscardelarenta
Chien Feerique's Bellavallentina


Chien Ferrique's Very-Viogner
Chien Ferrique's Chardoney
Chien Feerique's Master-Masi

Offspring (13) (Descendents)

dob: 2017-10-09  Sire: Curlious Cache is King

Chien Feerique's Spirit of Life
Chien Feerique's Essence of Life

dob: 2016-08-20  Sire: Heaven Sent's Ride Like The Wind At Famous

Chien Feerique's Dare To Be Me
Chien Feerique's I'm Not Comparable
Chien Feerique's Make My Day
Chien Feerique's Luxury Is Rare
Chien Feerique's Don't Waste My Time
Chien Feerique's I'm A Surviver

dob: 2014-03-14  Sire: Curlious Cache is King

Chien Feerique's Shakira-Dark
Chien Feerique's Alley-Caty
Ch. Chien Feerique's Lana Lombardi
Chien Feerique's Bambi-Ricci
Chien Feerique's Im-King

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