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AMCH  SODJuncus Lavandula SOD
" junc"

Reg. no
: ts13704301
: 2012-05-02
: pink/black spotted
: Hairless
: 31.75cm (12.5")
Anna Rychlewska (Lavandula, Polen)
pamela litz (N'Co. chinese crested, USA)
(N'Co, USA)
  • juncus

  • juncus

  • juncus

  • Juncus
    ©pam litz


prcd/pll and cerf clear

Siblings (5)


Juncus Lavandula
Juniperus Lavandula
Jukka Lavandula
Juncus Lavandula SOD

No birth date recorded

juncus Lavandula

Offspring (15) (Descendents)

dob: 2015-07-12  Dam: CH. Easter Bodeswell for N'Co.

Ch. Black Widow N'Co

dob: 2015-07-04  Dam: Ask Me About The Details N'Co.

Ch. Why Not Marry A Millionaire N'Co

dob: 2014-11-28  Dam: Peep Show N'co.

Ch. Don't Believe Me? Just Watch N'Co

dob: 2014-06-01  Dam: CH. Easter Bodeswell for N'Co.

Ch. So Smitten With me N' Co.

dob: 2014-04-20  Dam: Peep Show N'co.

Once in Blue Moon N'Co.
Hanging With My Peeps N'co

dob: 2014-01-09  Dam: Electrified N'Co.

Ch. Fenomeno Elettrification N'Co
Ch. Electrified Mr Swagger At Six Gems N'Co

dob: 2013-11-08  Dam: Ask Me About The Details N'Co.

Ch. Down to the last detail N'Co
Its All About the Details at Nipigon N'Co

dob: 2013-06-01  Dam: Just Imagine N'Co.

Ch. Just Imagine That N'Co
Ch. Just My Imagination N'Co

dob: 2013-05-03  Dam: Electrified N'Co.

Electrified Powder Keg N'Co
Ch. Electrified Jolt N'Co
Ch. Electrified Currents N'Co

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