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BALTCH  BLRCH  EEJCH  EEVCH  FINCH  INTCH(FCI)  LVCH  LTCH  RUSCH  RUSJCH  Junior Champion Breed Clubs, Champion Breed Clubs,Champion RKFInvisible Charm Gattaca

: 2012-11-18
: white cream
: Powderpuff
: 34.00cm (13.3") / 6.60kg (14.5#)
Magdalena Kucko (Gattaca, Polen)
Komarova Lyubov (Luniks Stail, Russland)

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  • CACIB Best 3
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  • almost 9 weeks old

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05.05.13CACIB CW
02.05.13 National Dog Show. Best Puppy.

18.05.13 National Dog Show.Best Puppy.BEST IN SHOW PUPPY II
30.06.13 CACIB. Best Puppy
24.08.13 Veliky Novgorod CACIB CW JCAC BEST IN SHOW-3
07.09.13 National Dog Show JCAC JBOB BOB
09.09.13 Club Dog Show JCAC JBOB .BOB
19.10.13 CACIB Russia ex 3
26.10.13 Special show Chinese Crested Dog - St. Petersburg JBOB

Junior Champion of breed clubs
27.10.13 National Dog Show CW JBOB. BOB.
30.11.13 Estonia, Narva National Dog Show JCAC JBOB
18.01.14 ST.Petersburg ,Special Show Club.BOB Junior & BEST OF BREED
1.03.14 National dog show
expert A.Filatova CW, BOB male , Champion RKF.
1.03.14 ST.Petersburg ,Special Show Club.
expert J.Aidietiene
Champion breed clubs !!!
05.05.14 St. Petersburg CW, CACIB, BOB
29.07.14 St. Petersburg CW, rCACIB
03.08.14 Pskov CW, CACIB, BOB
30.08.14 Veliky Novgorod CACIB FCI
8.11.14.Estonia, Tartu CW.CACIB.BOB
9.11.14 Estonia, Tartu CW.rCACIB
13.12.14 Saint-Petersburg,CACIB, BOB
22.03.15.Riga , Latvia CACIB
Ch. Invisible Charm Gattaca CACIB,BOB
28.06.15 St. Petersburg CW, CACIB
06.07.15 Parnu Estonia CW CACIB BOS
22.08.15 Veliky Novgorod CW CACIB BOB
28.02.16 S-Peterburg "White Nights -2 CACIB
30.04.16.International dog show
Grand Prix "Spring Petersburg 2016 CACIB
21.05.16 IDS.Hamina FINLAND
17.12.2016 Sankt-Petersburg
23.04.17 CACIB "Grand Prix Spring Petersburg" CACIB,

Siblings (5)


Issima Secret Gattaca
Innocent Illusion Gattaca gan Parcauwen (Imp Pol)
Issey Miyake Gattaca
Incanto Bliss Gattaca
Invisible Charm Gattaca

Offspring (45) (Descendents)

dob: 2020-08-30  Dam: luniks Stail Dogma

Luniks Stail Miss Neva
luniks Stail Maestro
Luniks Stail Mantana
Luniks Stail Milord
Luniks Stail Marquise Angels

dob: 2020-04-04  Dam: Ariela Lanara Queen

Julius Neva Viva La Vita
Julius Neva Victoria Secret
Julius Neva Western Prince
Julius Neva Vivienne Westwood

dob: 2019-09-26  Dam: Gabriela Kiss Angie Anabela

Julius Neva Amadey
Julius Neva Alexandria
Julius Neva Adrian

dob: 2019-04-04  Dam: Luniks Stail Deisy

Apriori Vip Kristoffer
Apriori Vip Kristiana

dob: 2017-02-03  Dam: Vivat Yslav Zavetnaya Mechta

Luniks Stail Josephine
Luniks Stail Joy Of Life
Luniks Stail Jade Dragon
Luniks Stail JeTaime Lafleur
Luniks Stail Jaywalker

dob: 2016-12-27  Dam: INTCH Futureline Felicie Izyum

Ch. FutureLine Felicie RAFFAELA
Ch. FutureLine Felicie ROLEX

dob: 2016-02-03  Dam: Ariela Lanara Queen

Ch. Zheremi Laert
Zosjen Ankua
Zerom Zan-Leon

dob: 2015-08-26  Dam: Zlato Dinastii Mersedes

Luniks Stail Galatea
Luniks Stail Goodbye America.
Luniks Stail Graf De La Fere

dob: 2015-04-08  Dam: Vivat Yslav Zavetnaya Mechta

Ch. Luniks Stail Vivienne Westwwod
Luniks Stail Versace
Luniks Stail Vera Wang
Luniks Stail Valentino

dob: 2015-03-23  Dam: Futureline Felicie Esenija

FutureLine Felicie Night-fly
FutureLine Felicie NEVSKIY
Futureline Felicie NIKE
FutureLine Felicie NEVSKY
Ch. FutureLine Felicie No Comments

dob: 2014-03-25  Dam: Zlato Dinastii Mersedes

Luniks Stail Bob Marley
Luniks Stail Bella Swan
Luniks Stail Ben Affleck
Luniks Stail Bobby Jones

dob: 2014-03-20  Dam: Alvine Band Ohara Peper

Luniks Stail Angel Rose
Luniks Stail Amalia Kay
Luniks Stail A
Ch. Luniks Stail Allison Stokke
Luniks Stail Anastacia Catherine

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