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Lionheart Karbon Karissima

Reg. no
: SE37046/2011
: 2011-05-07
: black
: Hairless
Lasse & Tove Hellström (Lionheart, Sverige)
Lena Nyström
  • Ballerup DKK dogshow 2012
    ©Ingrid Rudolph

  • ©Ingrid Rudolph

  • 9 weeks.
    ©Kennel Lionheart

Siblings (4)


Lionheart Kiss Me Kwick
Lionheart Kwarter Master
Lionheart Karbon Karissima
Lionheart Kash Is King

Offspring (9) (Descendents)

dob: 2015-02-26  Sire: Nomilas Daddy Fix Me A Drink

Ying Yang,s Daydream Believer
Ying Yang's Drop Dead Gorgeous
Ying Yang's Driving Miss Daisy
Ying Yang's Dennis The Menace
Ying Yang's Diamonds are forever

dob: 2013-01-13  Sire: Ying Yang's Bon Bon

Ying Yang's Checkmate
Ying Yang's Chickie Mickie
Ying Yang's Calvin Klein
Ying Yang's Cosmo Kramer

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