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The Norwegian Kennel Club - Int Show - Hamar, 9/10 2011

©De La Mahafus

Judge: Hans Almgren

BOB: SEUCH De La Mahafu's Bede Black In Gucci m/cac, cacib
2 BM: EEJCH EEW-10 BGCH GIBCH SE Sun-Hee's Million Dollar Outfit m/res. cac, res.cacib
3 BM: S DK GI E UCH NORDV-05 KBHV-06 Sun-Hee's Dressed For Success
4 BM: N UCH NORDJV-08 NV-10 NORDV-10 Rimabra's Walk On The Top For Us

BOS: N UCH NORDJV-08 Spirit Of Mantra's Striptease Dance m/cacib
2 BF: Müslis Gin Rummy m/cac, res. cacib
3 BF: SE UCH Bed'ykins Duchess Of Life m/res. cac
4 BF: Sasequehanna Modelka

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