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Scientific research on the inheritance of hair of Chinese crested dogs

The aim of this questionnaire is to obtain more insight on the inheritance of hair of these dogs. To date one study has been done in which DNA (FOXI3) was examined. This revealed the difference between DNA of hairless dogs and powderpuffs but did not take the degree of hairiness into account. Almost everyone has a preference for a particular hair type, (i.e. true of hairy hairless) therefore it is useful to investigate which type of parents will bring forth a certain hair type in their offspring.
The present study does take this degree of hairiness into account. Therefore it allows predicting the hair type of puppies based on visible hair characteristics of the parenting dogs. With this knowledge you are able to predict the hair type of your puppies. This is only possible if a lot of you fill in the questionnaire, the more people respond the more reliable the predictions will be. This research is also helpful for further investigation of DNA of Chinese crested dogs. The link to the questionnaire can be found under "read more about it".

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