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Norrköping June 6, Judge Janiki Steinbock, Israel



BOB CAC BIS-1 Sun-Hee's Best Of The Best
2BD Sun-Hee's Pawprints
3BD Bed'Ykin's Don-Quiotte
4BD Smedbys Famous Grouse
5BD Ch Prefix Tipperary
BOS CAC NEW SE UCH Stars At Sea Femme Fatale
2BB Ch Sea Fire's La Rioja Alta
3BB Ch Sun-Hee's Temptation
4BB Belshaw's Un Amour
5BB Ridgecrest's Princess Precious
BOB & BIS-1 Breedergroup: Kennel Sun-Hee's
BOB-progenygroup: Belshaw's Frosted Treasure



BOB & BIS-1 Sun-Hee''s Best of the Best



BOS New SEUCH CH Stars at Sea Femme Fatale


BOB & BIS-1 Breedergroup with BIS-judge Mr R Blümel

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