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NKK Rogaland 11.09.2011. Judge: Wera Hübenthal

©Adriane Andersen

NO Uch SE Uch Rimabra''s Fearless and Bellini Sorbet Only Salsa, judge Wera Hübenthal

Best male
1. BOB CACIB - NO Uch SE Uch Rimabra's Fearless
2. CAC - Biscotti Only Salsa
3. Shandor's Fashion Freak
4. Cipracrest's Life Thru A Lens

Best Female
1. CACIB and CAC - Bellini Sorbet Only Salsa
2. Suanho's Plenty Coups
3. Shandor's Incredible Inez
4. Kranar Erika Show Queen

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