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Judge:Muldoon Colette.

1 BM:NOuch.De La Mahafu's Bede Black in Glammi: BOB.
2 BM:Stravinski's Ecco: CAC.
3 BM:Reject's Nine Inch Nail.
4 BM:NOuch.Qu-Ya-Va's Shimo Olympius

1 BF:INT.NORD.GR uch.JWW.08.Reject's Sixth Angel: BOS.
2 BF:Scabrosa Macabrescu Nadobnisie I Ko: CAC.
3 BF:Reject's Twelvth Hour The Second.
4 BF:Nuch.Qu-Ya-Va's Luzia.

Best Puppies.

Biscotti Only Salsa:BOB.
Curlycrest's Fardewell:BOS.

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